Copyright Notice

Please do not alter or modify my photos in any form/manner including adding text, cropping or photo filters.

Do not use my photos for any promotional or commercial purposes without my prior written permission. Consent may or may not be required from all parties involved. Compensation may be negotiated.

If you are the main subject of the photo and choose to repost my photo, please credit me on Facebook as “Jason W Media”, on Instagram as “@jasonwmedia”. Ideally, please inform me before reposting especially if I am not notified of the credit.

What happens if you’re in violation of my rights, I will reach out to the best of my ability. We will find a way to amend the situation or a removal of the photo/video in question may be required.

If uncertain or have any inquiries, please email me at copyright@jasonw.ca. If you have any concerns, please email me at privacy@jasonw.ca. If you want to report any concerns, please email me at concerns@jasonw.ca.